Reasons to Move to Ireland

Moving to Ireland: Our top #5 Reasons to go!

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Why are we moving to Ireland?! As we started looking into preschool for our oldest, I realized that the school days were just around the corner. He would start with a few hours 2x a week, then a few hours every day of the week, and then before you know it, he is in school from 9-3 pm. Every. Single. Day. 

Something deep inside me broke. “I’m just not ready for this.”  Our family deeply values time spent together, and up until now, I had them with me all day, every day, and we had FREEDOM. But I was staring down the barrel of the inevitable. Which meant more and more time apart, the older my children got.

That brings me to reason #1! 

Why move to Ireland? 

#1 Education 

Did you know the Irish school system is ranked at #7 in the world? They have a fantastic school system with way fewer days in school, less homework, and more days off! That means a huge win for us!  

#2 Travel 

One of the most exciting things about moving to Ireland is the ease of travel! Instead of a family vacation to Michigan (which is still great), we will get to experience Portugal, Paris, Berlin, Greece, the possibilities are endless! I love the idea that my kids will have a rich cultural upbringing. Ryanair here we come! 

#3 Slower Paced Culture 

The American dream is fueled by work. Hard work, dedication, work through your sickness, and as many hours as you can kinda work. Many Americans—dare I say the majority of Americans, suffer from “workaholism.” We struggle to put our jobs or our careers in their rightful place on our list of priorities. Don’t get me wrong, being a hard worker is something to be admired, but we need to be able to “sign off”take a break, and recharge.

When we push and work through the night, skip family dinner time, miss the soccer game, or are distracted through date nigh on a phone, we need to a wake-up call and reprioritize. 

 Moving to Ireland will let my family slow down. I want my family to go on walks, take long vacations, feel less pressure to work at all costs, and just enjoy more time together. 

#4 Safety

Now this one might be a little controversial, but hear me out. Ireland does not have a gun violence problem that America has. Mass shootings, and “gun culture,” is just not a thing. No one owns guns. The farmers might own a shotgun to protect their animals from the prey, but the police do not even carry guns. I’m not kidding. 

I don’t know where you fall on the political spectrum, but for me, this is not political, it’s personal. I don’t want to be afraid to send my kids to school. I want to be confident that when they go to other people’s homes for playdates that they won’t find the family’s gun. I want to be confident in the safety of my kid when I send them off to school. 

Don’t get me wrong. Ireland has violence and crime too. Every single country has its issues. For me, mass shootings and gun violence were a deal-breaker. 

#5 Weather

Okay, this one isn’t controversial at all! My favorite seasons are fall and spring. I hate the oppressive heat and bone-chilling cold of Chicago. Ireland’s weather is much milder and you will never find a day that is DANGEROUS to go outside. You will probably need an umbrella, but you can always enjoy the great outdoors. I can just imagine it now, bring on the sweaters!! 

What # do you like the most!? Would you want to move to Ireland? Drop your comment below!!

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Caprice Miller
Caprice Miller
1 year ago

#All of them. This makes me want to move to Ireland.

1 year ago

Good luck with the move! I think it’s awesome that y’all are moving there – ai can’t wait to hear about your adventures! I don’t know you but really wanna visit, HAHA!

1 year ago

I love this so much! I live in Newfoundland in Eastern Canada and our culture and way of life is very similar to Ireland – most of us have Irish ancestors and we never really changed our values and traditions. I have never been to Ireland but this post makes me even more intrigued by it! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

1 year ago

I love this! I’m also pretty envious……
I agree with every single one of your reasons, and now you’ve got me curious to check out the Irish Education system. Thanks for giving some inspiration and good luck with the move!

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