Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad (My First Two Weeks in Ireland)

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Moving Abroad – after years of planning it finally happened. We downsized, sold, donated, and cleaned. We packed up, sold our car, and flew 3,000 miles away to another country – Ireland. Moving abroad has definitely been quite the whirlwind. There were a few things that I knew to expect, the homesickness, the regret, the occasional fear I’ve made a huge mistake, and a few things I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect it to take me so long to cry. I didn’t cry when we left our apartment for the final time, not on my last night in my parents house, not at the airport, the airplane, or my first night in Ireland.

Moving Abroad

Moving to Ireland is so monumental, it was very difficult for my brain to grasp what exactly was going on. Moving abroad didn’t really feel like anything. It didn’t feel like a vacation, but it also was void of the feeling of enormity that it really was. I just went through my checklist of things to do before we left, to set us up for success – that’s it – I went through my checklist. 

It took my brain a moment to catch up.


Expat Ireland



One week in, we were quarantining in Avoca, Ireland and my brain finally had a moment to relax, breathe, and let the floodgates in. I cried. I cried hard. My husband held me, poured me a nice glass of wine, and reminded me “everything was going to be okay.” There isn’t much you can do about homesickness, it really just takes time. Your brain needs time to create familiarity, sameness, routine, and predictability. Right now every single thing is new. 

After our five days of quarantine we went to a drive through rapid pcr test in Dublin – we got our results later that night and we’re officially safe to roam about the country. 

Being free from isolation made a huge difference to my mental health. We saw family and friends, we went to Brittas Bay Beach, coffee shops, playgrounds, Greystones harbor, Dublin Zoo, and this weekend we will try out Killruddery House & Gardens! 

Things about Ireland

Moving Abroad

The things I’m loving about Ireland are extensive; the food, the weather, the people, the playgrounds, the schools, the beaches, the hikes, the extreme kindness from strangers…it really is such a lovely place to be – I’m so grateful. 

The things that are hard are…housing. The rental/housing market is so competitive. It’s proving very difficult to find something that hasn’t already been taken, or we end up just get passed over for someone else. It’s the biggest stressor on my head, and the thing weighing on my heart. I so badly want to have a home, a place to unwind, make my own, and start making new memories in. There are a few things in the works at the moment, and I know we will find a place to call home, but right now the waiting period is so hard. 

I wrote in one of my instagram stories how I felt like a traveling nomad. The feeling still stands – but I’m embracing the momentary chaos. So two weeks in, we’re living at my brother and sister in-laws apartment in Dublin…we have no home, BUT we just bought a car, AND we have each other. 

Moving abroad was already the best decision for our family – I can feel it in my bones. 

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6 months ago

I feel for your longing to be build routine & roots! I’m excited to follow along to see how your family builds both! 🥰

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