My Passion

Hello, I’m so happy you decided to visit! Here’s a little bit of info about me!

I grew up in Wheaton, IL, and have 3 brothers, and a very loving mom and dad. Growing up I thought I wanted to be a missionary or a rockstar. I still think being a rockstar would be the best job out there… Haha! I think being a mom kind of merges both of those. 

I traveled to England and Sweden after high school for a “gap year” and studied the Bible at Capernwray and Holsby Bible school. I also had the opportunity to go to Africa for a few weeks while at Capernwray. The experiences I had traveling were some of the best of my life. I visited Greystones, Ireland for a weekend away when I was at Capernwray, and it was so breathtaking. Dublin and the west coast of Ireland were calling my name! I didn’t know it then, but I would be back! 

I met my husband at Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, WA. He was from Greystones, Ireland. I KID YOU NOT! We became best friends, and eventually started dating, and then got married after my graduation from Moody. We flew back to Greystones a few times to visit family and my love for Ireland only grew. 

We moved back to my hometown, Wheaton, where we settled in and began having babies! We have 3 beautiful kids, “Little Man”, “M&M”, and “Dootie.” My husband decided to go back to school and study Architecture, so between juggling school, and three kids, our lives have been full to say the least! Our time in the US has been wonderful, and we are going to miss so many people and so many places. But it’s time for a new adventure. I want to see more of this beautiful world, and I want my kids to see it along with us.