2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide (15 Best Toys for Kids!)

2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide (15 Best Toys for Kids!)

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The holidays are right around the corner – I don’t know about you but I love finding the perfect gift that will get LOTS of use instead of sitting on the shelf. 

Here is my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the very best gifts to keep your kids engaged, learning, and having fun!

2020 UlTIMATE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (15 Best Toys for Kids!) 

  1. Magna-Tiles® 

Magna-Tiles have been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. They’ve truly grown with our kids and get endless amounts of play. Kids are able to be creative and use their imaginations to create anything their brains think up! This is a MUST in every household!


2020 Christmas Gift Guide (15 Best Toys for Kids!)

  1. Guidecraft Wooden Roadway System  

We bought this set for my son last year and he plays with it almost every day! He creates roads with ease and LOVES doing it all by himself. The look of pride on his face when he creates makes this gift worth the buy 100X over! 

  1. Melissa & Doug® Wooden Blocks 

Talk about imaginative play! These wooden blocks can be used for making towers, towns, bridges, ramps…anything! One of the best things is that ALL our kids use it, from the 2 year old to the 5 year old – everyone plays with these blocks!

  1. Stomp Rocket 

This toy is just plain FUN. Our kids first played with this toy at a friends house and it was an instant hit! It’s a simple toy and kids just can’t get enough of it. To be totally honest I definitely took a few turns stomping on it as well! 

  1. Mini Construction Trucks 

I love these little trucks because they’re so versatile! My kids love using them with play dough, kinetic sand, on their wooden road, and outside! These get a lot of use in my house and I’m sure they will in yours as well! 

  1. Lego® 

The hype about Lego is not without merit. My five year old plays quietly in his room by himself for the best part of an hour with his legos. He has gotten so good at building and creating that it brings joy to my heart. I love watching him concentrate!

  1. Duplo®

Duplo blocks are another ageless toy that is so versatile! Your youngest child can learn fine motor skills and connect the blocks together, while your preschooler creates an entire town, trains, or cars! The blog Busy Toddler suggests you can even throw them in the water for a “duplo bath” – an exciting twist on bath time! Check out Busy Toddler for even more fun toddler play time activities!

2020 Holiday Gift Guide (15 Best Toys for Kids!)

  1. Play Food 

Toys at their best encourage independent play and learning, while they’re having fun. Play food does just that! My kids have picnics, bake muffins, make me coffee, and usually bring me lot of things to “try.” This is a fantastic toy you should have in your house! 

  1. Squigz 

Here is fun one from Fat Brain Toys! This toy is easy for kids to connect and can be used in the bath, on the windows, or on any non-porous surface – they also are great teethers when your baby inevitably gets a hold of them! 

  1. Seek and Find Books 

We discovered these books at our local book store, Prairie Path Books, and have become a bedtime staple in our house! These Seek and Find board books are great for quiet time in the car or any moment when you just need a little peace! One of my favorite things is snuggling up with our kids and one of these books – working together to find all hiding people, trucks, and animals! 

  1. Doll House 

A doll house is a great toy that grows with your kids and really promotes pretend play! I personally love Magnolia Hearth and Hand doll houses but there are so many great quality brands out there! 

  1. Barn  

Kids love animals, while they might not love real animals (mine are terrified) they do love to play with PRETEND animals. We bought this barn and animals for our youngest and it has been wonderful for her to learn all her animal sounds! She also loves to just open and close the barn door – it’s the simple pleasures in life. 

  1. Kinetic sand 

Every afternoon we have quiet time because I can’t handle loud screaming and running all day. Kinetic sand is a great option for quiet time or for those cold days when you can’t go outside. My 2 year old likes to eat it, but my 3 and 5 year old will play with it for a LONG time while I sit and sip my coffee – mom win!

2020 Ultimate Gift Guide (15 Best Toys for Kids!)

  1. Toysmith Slime 

Same sentiment as above – a great quiet time activity that my kids adore and gives me some sanity! I’ve recently found an amazing brand that doesn’t leave residue or sticky hands – Toysmith Metallic Slime. They have all different kinds; neon, fluffy, mix-in…etc and I’m going to be buying a lot of these for stocking stuffers! 

  1. Hot Wheels®

We just recently discovered Hot Wheels and my 5 year old plays with his every single day. We love this set because it has its own case where he can put everything away and it’s so versatile! He makes a different track every single time! I love watching his imagination and creativity run wild.

2020 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide (15 Best Toys for Kids!)


I hope this list has helped you in your holiday shopping! I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 


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